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What does a Producer/PR pack on her way to Tel Aviv„ to meet her crew?

A few essentials:

* The ubiquitous iPad, the now classic iPod and the incomparable MacBook. Not pictured is the omnipresent Blackberry. My first purchase whenever/wherever I travel is a SIM card. Say what you will about Blackberry’s issues but its Messenger option is fab.  

* Marcelle’s BB cream, Clarins’ Day Screen High Protection & the Capital Lumière Jour. Also, some Beurre Shea Butter. It’s good as a lip balm and for just about everything else. 

* A Mead note book (long flights are great for gathering thoughts and popping out new ideas) and a second notebook because when on location, you take notes, constantly. Clairefontaines are also great because they’re light. Post-its are also a must. They’re simple, but efficient. It’s also (obviously) essential to have a comprehensive breakdown of the country you are visiting. 

* I always make it a point to wear as many Canadian brands as possible, when overseas: Shan swimwear is perfect, M0851’s signature bags and luggage are simply perfect to travel and so are their gorgeous scarves. Lady Dutch pieces are so easy to mix with classics - to add some oomph. But classics are classics and when traveling, you can’t go wrong with Lacoste’s unconventional chic. I can go everywhere with it and when on a filming set,  schedules sometimes take you to unpredictable places. One minute you’re on set, the next you’re attending the mayor’s cocktail party. Lacoste is much more than the stitched-in crocodile and it will take you everywhere.

But the challenge when traveling always remains the same: baggage limits! I like to have options when I travel and I don’t know why people who pack lightly brag about it. Unless you carry the luggage on your head, there’s really nothing to brag about.

Everyone I know who’s been to Israel raves about the country. I’ve been wanting to go since I was a pre-teen so … ready, set, go!

MSV, Producer. &